this weekend.

16 Sep

I think we can all agree that weekends are just too fast.
my weekend was, normal. except i got a test & a wedding & dyeing my hair.

i fell asleep Friday night reading my marketing book only to be awoken by my mum complaining that my lights kept flickering (need to change to a new bulb) my test went fine. okay, fine was an understatement. it was horrible. i came in thinking, “man, i might actually have a shot at this” and I read through all the questions with my eyes auto-focusing because there were too many words. 40 multiple choice questions and you think they might go easy on you. yeah, well, think again.

so with my pissy mood I hailed a cab to get my hair done nearby. They tried to sell me into changing the hair colour to Nutricreme so that the colour would last longer and would not damage the hair due to no ammonia but I just paid $25 so to top up another $60 is fucking ridiculous. I did manage to trim my hair and got rid of all the split ends eventually. my hair is now BLOODY RED (:

i manage to surprise my bf who happened to be at Jcube with some event happening and the look on his face is priceless! he likes the hair colour. phew!

Sunday afternoon was spent at my cousin’s wedding at Lagunsari, Joo Chiat. I begged my mum to promise me that on my wedding, my face will not be caked nor will I have blue eyeshadow. The food is good and the space is just nice for the amount of people they have invited. Finding a place to park is a chore but not impossible. I managed to weasel myself out of the wedding early since I’m not of much use and we had other plans as well. We met up with my bf’s classmates who all happened to bring the other half. the bad news was the hot weather. we played saboteur and failed countless of times to successfully fly an eagle kite. Otherwise, it was a day well spent (:

goodnight. tomorrow my mum will be heading to Taiwan and she can’t speak a word in Mandarin.
oh yes, this will be fun.


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