I dreamt of Tokyo.

9 Sep

it was a wonderful dream of Japanese people bustling about their daily lives.
the air was light and a little cold.
neon signs everywhere, the smell of food wafting through the doors.

i was walking through the crowd, trying to get into the mall to shop for a bit.
it was surreal but it felt so good.
i was alone but i was safe.

it was like that one night when i decided to take a walk from my hotel in Osaka to get ice-cream at the station which was probably about 15mins walk. I had never felt so happy when I thought to myself, “I’m in JAPAN. wow”  Never imagined I would eventually end up being there. I did pinch myself and it hurts, briefly.

but, i woke up too soon and realized i was on my bed and i felt so….despondent.
the only thing money can truly make you happy is buying an experience.

I wished it was true. And that was when I realized I truly miss that place 😥

insyallah, next year ❤


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