you are going to be alright.

3 Sep

i think we think too much sometimes.
so let’s backtrack for a bit, shall we?

your eyes dilate in fear and your heart is pounding the moment the same images flashes through your mind’s eye. you tried to erase the image but it keeps coming back to you, brighter and bigger. there is  nowhere to run. you stop to catch your breath. you want to call for help but no sound came out of your mouth.

you could hear the pounding on the door, my voice pleading. you were unable to reach for it. my sobbing aches your heart but no movement was made. you press your ear against the door and silent tears fall down your cheeks.

let me in. LET ME IN. my screams became louder and more hysterical. my fist hurts but i was too scared to stop. and at last my energy ebbed away. i trace the outline of the wood carvings, imagining your hand instead.

i whisper the words i needed you to hear before the gunshot sounded.


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