7th syawal

26 Aug

the more i hear jokes from relatives about marriage, the more i want to take plane and whisk myself off to Melbourne.
i am never a big fan of hosting. the only reason when i was younger and i actually like people coming to my house is basically at the end of all that, when they go off and there I see a glimpse of a green packet from the smiling aunty.

I am materialistic but I think its because I have been showered with gifts that when I started dating my bf, I had a major setback. Call it a withdrawal syndrome, it did not start well at all with me. But it gets better with time when you keep telling yourself not to expect anything at all and that stab of jealousy when you see a guy buying a bouquet of flowers slowly dissipates from the corner of your heart.

a good thing too because we can’t bring our branded bags with us when we die, now can we? i blame that old emperor who was so worried about being lonely he actually buried himself with 1000++ terracotta soldiers.

i am still deciding on the bike license thing. there is so much gory stories about bike accidents that i do get the jitters about riding one. i don’t think my bf is happy at all about it because he’s not allowed and if i do put myself in a Taurus guy’s shoes, i would have felt the same way too. I know that I will get probably do some self-inflicting harm on myself (such as hitting the stupid kerb and the tyre became useless or leaving the light on all night and therefore we could not start the car in the morning) and I would probably call:

1. my dad
2. my brothers who have a bike license
3. a friend who has a bike license
4. the guy who has a crush on me and has a bike license

i know how it feels to not being needed. like during the 2nd accident when we were heading to watch a movie and he called his stewardess friend and i felt crappier and useless by the minute. oh yes, girls remember these kind of details.

but today i got my first taste in changing a car tyre eventhough i can’t lift the tyre or remove the screws. 2 guys had came to help and my brother kindly waved them off. i think if i was in a situation alone, i might get the job done by making eye contact. or probably give the guy a winning smile of sorts. a girl friend of mine would probably do a much better job at that than me, if she pass her auto license in the first place.

yes, i’m so petty and bitchy sometimes. it took me 10 years to not feel like an outsider when my cousins take a group shot but my mother can break that wall down in three seconds flat.

spending 9th August outside of my country should have been the plan all along.

ps, they are having a night festival at substation 31st Aug-1st Sept & THEY HAVE MIMES.
never seen one but it would be so awesome!



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