22 Aug

there will always be good memories of syawal regardless of the years that has passed us by.
for this year, i am truly happy to be back in school because i still get to use the famous line:

“yes cik, i am still schooling”

and with that, comes the green packet that promises good food and the iPhone cover I’ve been eyeing.
did i mention the food such as lontong, lodeh, ayam masak merah, kari ayam, sambal udang dan telur & serunding will also be served at most houses during raya-visiting? (with the exception of my aunt who seemed to think that middle eastern cuisine is the new in-thing to serve her guest at her house and my brother and i actually nitpick every single raisin and peanut because its just unnatural of us to eat crunchy sweet rice)

Singaporeans can be real foodies too, you know (:
and of course, who could forget the new baju kurung bought from Geylang. Those with cars and does not seem to mind mingling with our friendly neighbourhood country would have gotten theirs cheaper and with a bigger variety. Mine was a long grey abaya with golden details. After wearing for a day, I realised it was way too hot for our climate and has therefore been deem as ‘that baju kurung that will only be worn when in an aircon room at all time”

The in-design for this year happens to be a mixture of bold colours and patterns. A much braver move than our predecessors of kebaya and batik or those ugly whore-like translucent ones that does nothing to bring out a Malay’s girl innocence and purity. While we are moving together with time, we have always taken care of the modesty of a baju kurung. It defines the culture so even a cut or a long slit on the ‘kain’ or the skirt is a big issue.

We would always ask for forgiveness from our parents on the morning of syawal. Not everyone does it but it is good practice because we do things that does hurt our parent’s feelings unknowingly.

till we meet again, ramadhan.

and selamat hari raya to all (:


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