the fourth&final 21st;

15 Jul

The fourth and final 21st.
It was a wonderful one-night staycation at a boutique hotel called Studio M.
Located near Clarke Quay, it was a great double-storey room with the bed below and the dining upstairs.

We blew up balloons, had an awesome chocolate trovana cake from Chef Icon and ordered pizza from Sarpino’s.
Funny story, I was late in checking-in and the delivery guy had to make a detour to deliver the other pizzas before coming back to me. It was highly embarrassing but I did tipped him for his troubles (:

There was a 25m long swimming pool that we had fun blowing bubbles and throwing balloons at each other.
We had a Truth-or-Dare written by ourselves as well as a late night movie marathon.

Some of the funniest truth or dares:

  • ask someone to draw a mustache on your face
  • find something and wear it like a turban
  • lick the chocolate cake from someone’s body part
  • sing the national anthem proudly
  • wiggle your butt to a song
  • and etc



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