10 reasons why Singaporean local shows can’t make the cut;

9 Jul

If you had ever watched any local shows Singapore had on recently, you would have agreed with me.
And here’s why:

1. Lost local taste
You know Singaporeans love their food. But more than that, we are still very rooted to our culture and values. We value family above all and it seems the shows are not portraying them. For example, shows like Grown Up and Under One Roof brought not only laughter but it was also something each and everyone of us could relate to. It was not about lawyers who fight over one another, it was about how a family function in this society.

2. No Hope
Where is that ray of sunshine in all the dramas? Where is the turning point? So little time there is hope for the main characters or one of the bad characters to do a good deed or something along the line.

3. Lousy plots
Why do we watch Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars? Because there is a twist in the story. Because there are characters who says one thing but does the other.

4. Bad camera panning
enough said.

5. No more memorable characters
i really can’t remember any characters from any local shows nowadays except for Michelle Chong and Chua En Lai acting as different characters in the Noose.

6.  Too much westerners in shows
Not that its a bad thing. We do agree that George Young is a good-looker but we miss local faces such as Aaron Aziz or Vincent Ng from Heartlanders who are also, good-looking for Asians. I mean, Singaporeans.

7. No veterans who made a comeback
I would have loved to see Moses Lim, Kumar, Najip Ali, Selena Tan to be back on tv but I highly doubt so. I’ve seen them recently from a theatre show called ‘Happy Ever Laughter’ and they were hilarious! Too bad the public can’t see them unless they pay for the show.

8. Too much censorship
Oh my god, we cannot say Singlish, we cannot say anything about the government or how they run the country, we cannot say racism, we cannot say this or do that or etcetra. We have to make it family-friendly, we have to make them say good english and we cannot have hokkien or malay or tamil. BUT WE DO ALL THIS IN OUR DAILY LIVES.

9. No interest from the community
We have starhub and mioTV. We do not have to watch local shows anymore with better cooking shows, funnier comedies and cooler dramas.

10. Seriously, those young actors can’t act for shitz.
The more prettier they are, the more likely they cannot act.

These are my own opinions or you could say freedom of speech. I think we still have it.  


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