the land of the rising sun;

21 Jun

Japan was fabulous. Until the last two days where I got fever.
And everything went a little downhill.
But the moment when I arrived and stepped out of the airport, the air was cold and inviting. Just the exact temperature I wished my country would have, but no.

We bought the JR Pass which turned out to be the best thing ever because if you don’t and you intend to travel from one place to another, you will fork out more money in the end. The first two days were spent in Osaka, although one of the days we took a day trip to Gion at Kyoto and saw a lot of Geisha walking around. They are indeed very pretty and very mysterious.

We also went to Tennoji, which is pretty quiet but they do have the biggest temple there.
And yes, I got myself a burberry blue label wallet ūüėÄ
(this has to at least last me 5 years) 

 The next two days were spent in Hakone. Its about 4 hours ride from Osaka but the view of the mountains are magnificent. We visited Lake Ashi and the sulfuric sites where the black egg is famous for longevity. We took a cruise to view the whole area and at night, we sat by the famous hot spring. The one where you strip everything off so everyone can see your itty bitties :/

I do enjoy the torii (gates) because they look very outstanding from afar.
And the last two nights at Kyoto where the fever is my worst nightmare at night, literally.
I took a lot of panadol and a kind Japanese Muslim lady, Edith, gave me some vitamins and headache pills which helps tremendously, but only for 8 hours before my face starts to heat up again. We managed to visit Fuiishima Inari Shrine which is located right outside Inari Station. For those who have watched The Memoirs of a Geisha, you would have recognised the many orange torii  that the little girl ran past at the very end of the movie. But even if you cant remember it, this is still quite a cool place to visit (;

We went to Teramachi Shopping Arcade that sells all the mochi, clothes, shoes, souvenirs that you could possibly want for your loved ones back home. Its located at Shinjo Station so dropped by on your last day and spend all your remaining money there (:
so close to buying a katana….

We stayed in a business hotel in Osaka called Hearton Hotel Kita Umeda. It was clean, spacious enough and quite alright for a new hotel. In Hakone, we stayed in Resorpia Hakone which has a japanese tatami platform for you to have your tea and everything. Lastly, in Kyoto, we decided a very traditional Japanese stay which is also known as a ryokan. Its called at Nagomi Ryokan Yuu and a lot of people who have stayed there gave really good reviews because its near to where you want to go and the people are always friendly and willing to help (:


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