travel companions;

13 Jun

i’m currently writing to you while in Hakone, Japan.
i’m with my mum and her friend, J.

i started to appreciate my mum more and more because J really is one hell of  an annoying travel companion.
so here are some ways to notice an annoying companion:

1. Whatever you buy, she buys
Okay, fine but this is like a game of ‘do what the leader do’ and it is fucking annoying. So i got myself a Burberry Blue wallet and she suddenly contemplate on whether she should get one. And then she has the cheek to ask the salesgirl from where it is made and when she heard ‘China’, she went like ‘oh, so it is not really made in Japan’

Bitch please, it is only sold in Japan. If you really want a rip off, please, by all means go to China.

2. Ask every 10minutes on whether it is cheaper than your home country
It make sense if you are travelling to Bangkok or Cambodia but Japan is well known for their exquisite quality and craftsmanship. Quality means you pay more and therefore asking me if chocolate is cheaper here is seriously, quite stupid.

3. Start complaining that people do not speak English
Oh wow….where do I begin? Japan first language is Japanese and unless they continue to College or University, they do not widely use English in  their everyday life. Why complain that they do not speak English when you can see that they are trying to be as courteous and as helpful as they can even with their limited amount of English. She should at least learn some Japanese to better educate herself or else, don’t even bother travelling.

4. Wanting to go here and there without even caring about your travelling partners
Travelling from one place to another can make a person quite weary and therefore, it is only courteous to ask your fellow companions if they are up for travelling and whether they want to spend at wherever you want to go.  We were one hour from the railway station and we still have to travel a great deal before reaching the factory outlet. I am generally polite to people but when you decide me to take for granted, I decide to be bitchy.

5. Shut up and enjoy
J really talks a great deal and even gossips. I don’t really like to listen or hear how wonderful her daughter is to be able to learn political science in NUS so really, shut the fuck up. Every kid is different to start with. I think my mum was cornered when J ask about our trip to Japan and wants to tag along and I do pity her. I just wish she chose her friends more wisely.

We will be travelling back to Kyoto tomorrow for two more nights before heading back to Singapore. Maybe next time when I drop by Japan, I would like to visit Tokyo and Mount Fuji and maybe, even Hokkaido, Sapporo and Fukuoka.



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