6 Jun

its pictures like this that makes me smile.
my cat, blissfully sleeping.

its been a hellish week.
with the office’s aircon breaking down.
my laptop took a long time being repaired and then the speaker stopped working.
losing my itouch.
fell down the drain and my arm started bleeding.
speeding past a red light.

i have broken down and cried over all this.
but i have also established its no used crying over spill milk.
i’m still quite depressed but i do seek His comfort and his patience.

i understand things happen for a reason.
and irregardless of a bad week, i managed to find rays of sunshine.
i met my classmates for breakfast and ice-cream.
i played sports with my best friend.
i watched movies with my dad and be more concerned towards my mum.

when i am down, its hard to seek comfort because he’s far away and my best friend is not talking to me even though i have tried multiple times to get through her. i have apologised, begged and come close to knocking down her door. it sucks. my family shows their concern in a more different manner and they have their own lives so they can’t be readily available.

a few more days i would be going to a whole new country.
it will be somewhat incomprehensible but i pray it will be a safe journey.
it will also be the time he reaches back home.

it was easier to joke and laugh and tease about not missing him when he’s away.
and now knowing that he is, it’s achingly unbearable.
i keep wanting to text him and call him.
to hear about his day,hear his laughter…


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