1 Jun

every girl would have at least thought about the day they will get married. it is either we’ve been ingrained to do so or growing up with barbie and magazines made us this way.

i remember having a conversation with my close friends about this. we were just shooting random ideas to each other on our ideal wedding, partially listening to one other and daydreaming. personally, i want it to be simple but i know, deep down, my mother will not let me. that is only because i’m her only daughter and i know she will invite the whole community the moment the wedding card hits print.

but there are some aspects that i will have my say such as:

<insert wedding dress>
i have not truly thought about it but nothing too frumpy, too pink and too tight. it should flow freely but hugs at the right places. and of course, it should not itch. i would rather wear silk than sequins if it means not wanting to tear the material to shred by the end of the day. due to my chinese and indonesian heritage, i would like to wear a cheongsam, not the javanese traditional costume because i really do hate the ugly heavy headwear. a friend of mine chastised about being too traditional. but this is the same woman who wants to wear black leather as a wedding dress and has a long distance relationship with some guy she met on the internet. seriously…

<insert decorations>
lilies. lots of lilies. i love the smell and they look gorgeous. i don’t know the theme yet but maybe fairy tale? then at least we could use those twinkly little lights and soft orange lights.

<insert venue>
as long as it is not under the damn void deck, i will not be picky. even if i have to do a tentage on the open field, i would.

<insert cake>
my mother i saw what she did to my brother’s wedding and i almost cried. the details were just too gruesome and sad. i have seen some spectacular cakes and more practical ones so really, i would just like to have chocolate and white icing. yum.

<insert entertainment and video/photographer>
i will let my husband-to-be handle this. hopefully he is someone who has good taste in music and has an eye for details in catching the moment. haha.

this is part of the malay culture. its actually gifts and both sides must have the same number. i am always more interested in the theme rather than the gifts because they always surprises you with creativity.  but of course, the gifts are also very important because they cost a lot. It is a time where you splurge such as the ring, the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the gadgets, the watches etc

<the ring>
i will sound racist but i really do not want a ring that comes from a chinese jewelry shop.  so no sookee or taka or heng liang finest gold collection. it does not mean my ring should only come from tiffany&co because a simple band from there cost about $5K and that’s just exorbitant (sorry bro)

its a rainy day today 😦


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