The third 21st

31 May

the third 21st took place on 20th May. it was a little way too long overdue because my laptop cracked and i had to send it for repair and i don’t really like to do personal things on my dad’s laptop. 

anyways, the birthday girl wanted to go on the Gmax, otherwise also known as the ball that flings you into the air. so we blindfolded her, feed her a false story about a chalet and she bought it. hook, line and sinker. until she took the blindfold off, she didn’t really had enough time to be scared. 

her boyfriend, on the other hand, had a lot of time to be scared. he actually asked if we like to exchange it with him. but in the end, he sucked it up and went for it. its quite funny, especially if you see the video of him failing his arms around like a puppet. 

We went to Ricciotti for pizza. I adored the quaint Italian restaurant. I have not set foot in that place for over two years and fortunately, not much have changed (: 

We then continue our eating frenzy at Spize down the road and back to where we were from to give the presents as well as the cupcakes.

At least we manage to make her wish come true, heh. 


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