one spoonful of cough syrup now;

26 May

life’s too short to even care at all oh
i’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control….

he went to Thailand on 19th May for some course for three weeks.
by the time he comes back, i would already be in Japan.
it’s been a week so he still has about 14 days.

so now, technically, one month would be the longest that we’ve been apart.
it was pretty sweet of him to purchase a SIM card so he could call and update about his life in the jungle.

mine has been a little hectic.
with my boss sudden flight to europe for a getaway, i had to handle all the things alone.
not to mention signing the papers for uni and feeling guilty that my dad has to sit through the induction because I wouldn’t be in the country. let’s hope that will end fast.
i still have to plan the Japan trip so that it will go smoothly and it does not help that google map is not always reliable.

i miss him, i really do.
i am the sort that likes being near the person i love because all that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is crap. This is exactly why I ruled out sailors, men of the sea, pilots, stewards, businessmen (staying away for more than 90days) as not husband-material. It’s not fun at all to return home to just a text, a call, an email or a video chat. I mean, sure some people are doing just that and they survive it but I’m more…traditional in wanting to cook for my husband and share our day while watching the telly. Absence makes people forget and I like to discover new things with my partner. But what is discovering new things if my partner has already unravel them?

I like security, which is probably why I am a Taurus. Overall, I am pretty independent, hot-headed, overconfident and stubborn but I like to be reassured that by the end of the day, it’s me that you’re thinking about. I don’t think its shallow because I’m sure everyone likes to be reassured that they are loved and that they have someone to love.

I think that’s also probably why we tend to be jealous because we’re afraid we might lose someone that manages to make us smile and lift our spirits up. Someone that has not only been there for our best but also our worst. Someone that has always been there for you and provided you the support when you had doubted yourself because when someone believes in you, you will eventually believe in yourself.




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