the point of travelling 2;

23 May

i enjoy travelling more when i become an adult. 
i enjoy the freedom of being free from parents, from strict schedules and basically, following the path and not knowing where it will take you. 

that does not mean i do not enjoy being with the family. when i was younger, things were simpler because my dad took care of everything. From where we go or what we do or even where we eat. but growing older means you have to learn these things yourself and they have provided you with enough experience in hope that you will carry on those useful tips. 

travelling with friends is a new experience. people are more like-minded, adventurous and sometimes, even more frustrating. you will see your friends in a different light and may even take on more trips with them…or not. you can have longer chitchats, going out till late and even share the secrets to bargain hunting.

i have still yet to travel with a partner. i yearn for the day to come. where we embark on new and exciting places together and spend countless hours preparing and planning. waking up beside him in a totally different realm and feel the intense magic of something that is unfamiliar and finding comfort in one another. i really can’t wait for that moment. it could even be more important than my future wedding. gasp! 

i wonder if i would ever move out of this country – anything is possible, isn’t it? 

good news – i will be starting university soon. might as well since it will make everyone happy and shut up about that fact that i cannot find a place for one. it’s pretty competitive in this country so many of us had opted for overseas. but looking back, it will probably cost more :/ 
wish me luck! (:

and yes, i am going to Japan next month! woohoo, bring in the sashimi and green tea! i think i will only eat these two while i’m there and lose some pounds 😀  


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