the point of travelling;

22 May

everytime it’s concerning me travelling, and even more so to a foreign country with hard-to-pronounce food names, my dad would be the first to start talking about how much it would cost and how hard it would be to travel etcetra etcetra etcetra.

but isn’t the WHOLE point of travelling is to DISCOVER NEW adventures, food, people, places?

He kept hinting that if we were to go F&E (free&easy) in Malaysia, he wouldn’t have minded. But its Malaysiaaaa…yes, I agree its a beautiful country and it’s easy for us to understand the language and find food but there is only so many times you can go there.

There are just too many other places in this world to cover.
There’s Japan, Korea, Maldives, Europe, London, New Zealand, Spain, Russia, Africa, Thailand and so much more.

I understand that my father is a frugal person and I adore him for that. He brought me up to value the important things in life. But he has also brought me up to spend money on good food, education and experiences. Isn’t travelling an experience? How can we expand our horizon if we do not try out something new?

I am blessed that my hot-headedness and stubborness to not back down to go to Phuket and Aussie with friends was a good idea because it is truly an eye-opener.



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