his 21st

18 May

His birthday falls 5 days after mine and prior to the previous post about just spending it with close friends, I manage to get help from one of his best friends to gather people (:

The surprise was pretty good, he did not suspect that 7 of them just happened to be in the neighbourhood. He started noticing something was amiss when someone said ‘birthday boy’  lol. We went for a korean buffet before catching Dark Shadows. I feign interest on eating at Sufi so we headed there and a few minutes after our dinner was ordered, the rest came (:

For once, the red velvet cake I made did not burn (the first time I did it I fell asleep) and it turned out alright. I got him a book called the 4-Hour Work Week. It was a book he had been meaning to get since earlier this year.

So we are all adults now! and the best thing is, I can officially vote. Although, not for another four years :/


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