12 May

What a day!
I had half day today and my shoulders were aching and just so happened that UOB decided to do a mother’s day special and had $28 promotion on some of the high end spa chains in town and I decided it was now or never to get my tight knotty muscles unknotted.

I booked an appointment at Spa Symphony at 313Somerset and the masseuse is a kind malay lady whose pressure was simply just, perfect. My shoulders felt better and it stopped aching (I went climbing two days ago and my left shoulder started peeling due to swimming last week)  

I had to travel back to Bugis to get my laptop fix since the hinge was broken. If you happen to be a girl and walk alone in Sim Lim and wears nicely, the people there will be more than happy to help you out. There is an unspoken difference which I do enjoy because I am clueless when it comes to technology and would rather pay the person to fix it if and when the price is reasonable. I was not even near the lift when a guy asked if I was sending my laptop for repair.

After I was done with the transaction, I decided that I was able to make it to a movie at Marina Square. I took the train since the weather has been unforgivable and unprecedented. Dark Shadows is a Tim Burton’s film starring non other than his leading actor, Johnny Depp. It’s pretty funny and since it was a weekday, I manage to snag the whole row to myself. I even manage to smuggle a green tea latte and drink to my heart content.

They are having Boulderactive this weekend, I think. It’s basically a climbing competition and from my knowledge, they are given points by the number of tiles that they touch. Ironically, I was more attracted to the shop was beside it. Was used to be FOX is now a shop called Laline. It’s like Bodyshop but it comes from Israel and they are so so pretty. The picture above is actually whipped body soap. It works the same way as whipped cream but its soap! Imagine squeezing out ‘whipped cream’ and slathering onto yourself. I bought cherry blossom because I always enjoy smelling like fresh flowers but their vanilla is just as good (:

They are currently having a 15% off storewide so do go and have a look! I was actually looking for a gift for a friend and ended up buying this for myself instead! haha. Another shop that you can give a try is Lush, Wisma Atria. Its from the UK and their stuff is pretty organic. If you have a bath tub, they have those balls that dissolves and makes your skin all smooth and silky.



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