exotic vs popularity;

2 May

you see those brochures and phamplets on all the exotic places around the world.
Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Rio, Maldives, Greece, Cape Town etc.

and then you see the more popular places such as London, Paris, Japan, Aussie, New York and now, due to the crazy k-pop phase, Korea.

the ironic thing is, i was not all that attracted to the popular places. I became more keen in visiting the places people don’t usually visit. I prefer not going through the ‘usual route’ if you call it. It does not mean I do not wish to visit the Eiffel Tower or the Big Ben or touch the Empire State Building, I rather find out what happened to the hanging temple of Babylon or see the majestic pyramids again.

it’s just a matter of opinion. Don’t you just want to wander around the safari in Africa or do whatever the locals do in Brazil or Giza? Have you ever heard of Bhutan? Its near the Himalayas and said to have the most beautiful mountains. My bf and I played this game whereby one says a letter of an alphabet and the other has to say the first country that pops in his head. I said Bhutan when my bf said ‘B’ and I swore he got a shock of his life. I don’t think he heard the country before. hur hur.

So next time you’re planning a trip, try a place where people have never tried before (;


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