growing up;

27 Apr

when we were kids, we wanted to be older.
so that we can hang out late, stay out and have money to spend.

but now that we’re reaching the stage of being an adult, we want to be kids.
because it means having absolutely, no responsibility.

psychologically, we are programmed to always want things we can’t have.
why women are attracted to married men.
why men are attracted to power and money.
why children want things their friends have.
the list goes on and on.

i did not particularly like being a kid because my brothers were way older.
i wanted to grow up and be like them, to communicate with them better.
and yet, when i did grow up to have more intelligent conversations, they got married.
so, i have friends who are on the same wavelengths and they became almost like sisters to me.

and then we all have that rebellious teenage streak that lasted months.
my brothers could not understand me and deemed me as ‘troubled’
they disappointed me as much as i have disappointed them.

and now i am just weeks away from turning 21.
i feel no difference except for the fact i can’t slow down the time.
i will have to accept it sooner or later.


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