The first 21st

22 Apr

There are four of us so 22nd April marks the first (:
There is a funny story behind the cake. I was suppose to make my ‘infamous’ red velvet cake and the thing is, i tend to doze off while waiting. So the cake got burnt and therefore I had to change my plans and buy this chocolate cake from Four Leaves instead.

We spent the day ice skating at Kallang Leisure Park. It was a first for the birthday girl and she took the fall quite charmingly. One of our other friends fell at least 12 times, we counted! The ice got more slippery and it was harder to skate but we did it anyways. I manage to go faster but my stopping is still mediocre at best 😦

We had an impromptu lunch at pastamania where the conversation revolves around the newest movies and rabbits. Initially, I wanted them to go on the rooftop at One Altitude to see the view but the staff was unable to give us the request due to ‘static and lightning.’

The Man Utd vs Everton game was on and we did do give her the presents and the cake right there and then and the bar on the 61st floor. Not too shabby ehs? (; the staff were helpful and friendly and they even gave us plates and fork to eat the cake with (it was delicious, by the way!)

We went to the Singapore River and gave a toast to the birthday girl followed by all of us spraying a can of artificial snow at her for the fun of it. We washed up at Fullerton Hotel, i love their revolving doors, though not a big fan of their pungent fragrance they use at the lobby and had an express mani done at Bugis Junction.

I realise it does not matter where you spend your birthday, it is the people that makes the difference (:


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