13 Apr

i love kushandwizdom.tumblr
they are filled with words that are not only heartwarming, but makes you want to do something you never thought it was possible to do. probably if i have an empty wall at home or after a repaint, i could do a typography of their words. That would be interesting.

advice on love:
if your partner is proud in doing something he/she had done, even though it is something that you are unable to comprehend or understand or fully appreciate it,  you should support your partner wholeheartedly because it is something your partner has done and is willing to share it with you. if you turn it down, she would hesitate before sharing anything else with you because she’s afraid you will not share the same happiness and joy that she has. and she will eventually stop doing that and she will share that joy with someone else. and guess what buddy, it won’t be you.

advice on work life:
if they are people in your workplace that is rude to you and treat you badly, its either fight or flee. stand up to them because even though the environment is different, there are still bullies on a playground. they may have bigger salaries or a bunch of posse or a higher rank but strip all those off and both of you are still human. to gain respect, you must first earn it. i am extremely fed up with trying to help a friend of mine trying to overcome her work problems because she would not fight back and she refuses to flee. sigh.

advice on family:
regardless of the choices you make in life, families will support and help one another. even if you do disappoint them (or take the car keys without telling) so try not to and make them proud (:

it’s  friday the 13th, woohoo!


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