songs and music;

11 Apr

i cannot remember song titles and the start of some songs.
i cannot digest the information of the singer or how the band was formed.
i don’t even know all the soundtracks and yet, i want to attend concerts.

but i do know that some of the songs i hear reminds me of a distant memory.
i remember the first trip to Australia and listening to Ashley Simpson’s Pieces of Me, nearly tripping a steward with the headphones’ wires because i wanted to listen to the song AND see the sunrise as well.

i remember the trip to Egypt with Sara Bareilles Love Song playing over and over while taking a three-hour journey to Alexandria to see exquisite french architecture against the Red Sea.

i remember Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon in which my bf and i would send 4 lines to each other because it’s just fun that way.

i remember singing loudly to all the Top 40 songs as my girlfriends and I cruised along Changi Beach at the dead of the night. And for that one moment, I had love the freedom, the wind in our hair and the speed of which my dad’s car was going.

i can’t remember all the songs Beatles or even Greenday have but once it is associated to a memory, it stays.


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