4 Apr

i think throughout our lives, there will be regrets in which we are unable to turn back time and make things right. but why do we have regrets?

i was driving to the beach yesterday night and took the mat to lie down and stare at the cloudy night sky. The stars were twinkling, the half moon bright and non too-overbearing and everything seems calm for a little while. i kept thinking how different it would be if i knew what the choices i have made would indefinitely change the future that i am in now. would i have made different choices?

it brings me back to when i was 12 and just gotten one of the biggest results a 12-year old Singaporean kid could ever get. if i had worked harder, i would have been happier. but it was the deep regrets that made the next four years the best time of my life. i would never have met such wonderful people, teachers, mentors and etc. I would never have discover a passion for the arts. i would never have work harder to make my folks proud of me. because when you fall down, you just want to stand up taller.

now, i would say i wish i could study harder for the last three years but hey, i am working in a place that has provided me with invaluable experience. my colleagues are a wonderful wacky bunch of people who unlike corporate world, are people that i can call friends. so the question is, if i had taken the route anyone else had taken, would i be what i am today? or was it the regret that i had made chose the route that i am in now?

never ever laden yourself with regrets because it might just be the key to finding yourself (:


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