she’s out of my league;

30 Mar

so yesterday i had dinner with some of my guy friends and they started talking about girls. first, it was about girls we know, and then girls we don’t know and lastly, girls that just happened to walk passed us. and then the talk about exes.

but the best was when they started talking about girls that are out of their leagues and then seeing them act like a bunch of 16-year old girls was really funny. i don’t get why would someone think they are below a certain person’s standards. haven’t the world shock us enough with beautiful women marrying old guys or young men who goes after older women?

by setting such limits to yourself could only mean that you have low confident in attaining her and therefore save yourself the trouble by saying that she is out of your league. agree or disagree?

i really think that if you can go for her, then by all means, go.


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