20 Mar

i was reading on 7 ways to divorce proof your marriage.
its very interesting. some i digress below:

  • did you know 76-95% couples are more likely to get divorce if one of them smokes? Even more so if the wife is the one smoking.
  • some jobs have low divorce rates such as optometry or transit police. huh, didn’t know that.
  • if you hang out with people who are divorce, you have a 22% that you will also end up in divorce. yikes!
  • i love this one: marrying someone you met in school. you have 41% less chance of getting a divorce. A dating site did a survey across the places people would meet such as bars, churches etc and school was the one that made a big difference. maybe academic is really a key to one’s happiness in future :p

i have been watching swan princess on youtube. i like this movie because it was the first song i ever manage to play on the piano without any help. plus, growing up with fairy tales, princes and princesses made me a die-hard romantic. good thing too because i envision the guy i would date to have a ‘prince quality’. you know, the chivalry, the kindness without the crown and the castle. maybe i’ll let my future daughter watch them as well. as long as she does not think that a kiss would wake up anyone that goes into a deep slumber (my nephew thought it was that easy)

another movie i like to watch is Anastasia. set in Russia during the Romanov period, Anastasia sets out to be reunited with her family after being in a children’s home. it’s rich in culture and their clothes are prettier than the normal ones we see.

i love my childhood (;



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