you promise?

16 Mar

we often see kids as kids.
they’re people too, you know.

they sing, they laugh, they cry, they whine and yet they are totally dependent on you to raise them up. when you raise your kids, you would want to instill certain values into them. i have seen many people handling their kids, on the good and the bad. i have seen mothers bribing their kids with sweets and iPod to shut them up. i have seen fathers abandoning and threatening to leave their child right in the middle of the shopping mall because the child refuses to leave toys’r’us.

to them, that is the way to teach their child. but is it the right way? or the wrong way? what may seem acceptable in one’s culture may not be in another. some are so obedient that a mere raise of the mother’s tone of voice would send the kid to tears.

i was silently watching how my brother instill one important value in his oldest son. it is something that we used often as we grow up and casually throw it around with no hidden value to it. it’s called a promise.

my nephew who turns four this year, felt tired from all the walking and wanted his father to carry him. instead of instantly carrying the child up and setting him down after the next stop only to receive a loud wail to be carried again, he said ” i will carry you for 10minutes and after that you have to walk for another 5 minutes before you get carried again okay? i promise”

the son, hearing this promise being made, agreed and lifted his up his hands to wrap around his father’s neck. the value of the promise cannot be broken. it was as simple as that.

i was impressed because he understands the reason behind it which would be a reward to  be carried for 10minutes for walking every 5minutes. not to mention he gets to learn how to tell time. at least on an analog watch.

instill those values in a child and he will grow up to be a fine person one day (;


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