travel tips;

14 Mar

there are many many different types of people that you will definitely meet whenever you travel. Some are extremely kind, helpful, friendly and even show you the way. Some may be the direct opposite.

So here are some of my die-hard (or just recently learnt) tips when abroad:

  • between a couple with children, only bring one carry-on luggage. i do not want to hear that you need a whole new luggage for big ass headsets or toys the size of mount everest, one is enough. pack only the essentials such as favourite games, milk powder, thermos, wet wipes, undies and change of clothes. buy a bag that has compartments. extremely extremely important.
  • please do the minimum research before reaching your destination. one because it is absolutely compulsory and secondly, refer to first rule.
  • never look too lost because you never know there might be some pervert that might just slither up to you.
  • always have a bottle of water in your bag to hydrate yourself. even in a cold country.
  • information counters, maps, locals manning stores : find them, ask them, bombard them with questions

i know some prefers tours because its more fuss free but i hate the restrictions that i have to live with. imho, i would take free and easy. get your leave, book the plane and the accommodation and from there, start being flexible.

i would love to visit either italy or spain next on europe. probably drop by amsterdam for a day or two. i ask my boyfriend if he would like to visit germany and he seems…hesitant. he said he would much prefer london or france. i asked “why france? people there seems to be rude if you can’t understand or speak their language”

he shrugged. i think he’s secretly not comfortable in other native tongues.

i got attracted to italy due to eat,pray,love and spain because their dance is so…..sexual, it literally oozes sex on the floor. plus, they both have rich cultures and really good food. plus fashion (mango and zara!!!)

i do envy those facebook friends stewardess who seems to have the time and money to travel and take beautiful pictures of places they are at. it isn’t my fate nor my destiny to be one of them and i know it’s a good thing on the long run. i enjoy travelling but i want to reach a destination where i am meant to find or do something.

i want more than saying “oh god what a long flight tomorrow” or “passenger on seat 36A is a bitch”

i want to be saying “after reaching the airport, i need to hail a taxi and head to tokyo district 13 for a client’s presentation. i have a good gut feeling that i can nail this. after which, i heard there is a great sushi place around the corner”

i want more, i always want more. because if you had it good, i want it better.
this is who i am.


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