let it snow;

12 Mar

i just came back from Germany 27Feb-11March
What i miss:

  • Nordsee (fish)
  • butter pretzel
  • pretty buildings & the cobbled streets
  • truffles
  • wafflen
  • shokolade cookies
  • the temperature of 5-7 degrees
  • snow (winter wonderland)

Out of the whole trip I sat on:

  • 5 planes
  • 4 bus rides
  • 3 taxi rides
  • 2 long train rides
  • 1 tram
  • 1 horse ride

I bought:

  • chocolates, mainly Giotto, Ritter Sports
  • nail polish, H&M
  • gifts for family
  • gummy bears
  • Shoes and heels
  • accessories
  • gifts for friends
  • lucky strike in german (that was cool)
  • skirts, shirts, pants, dress (;

I took:

  • a hell load of pictures
  • shampoo & bath gel from the apartment
  • free postcards
  • free magazine
What I miss out of singapore:
  • my bf, of course
  • friends who would kill to be on this trip
  • CATS
  • teh tarik
  • wearing slippers
  • wearing short sleeve shirts

and now its back to reality for me. at least i get to relax in today (:

Ps, when the plane landed on Changi Airport, my heart started pumping really fast because I realised that I actually missed home more and seeing that familiar ground and rain, I wanted nothing else but to see my mother’s face when I walked out of that sliding door.


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