29 Feb

fashion is plain bitchy.
take for example, kelly osbourne.
IMHO, she looks great in that dress because it accentuates her figure and her boobs and the flares are just, wow but a lot of writers and editors for fashion magazines might beg to differ. i do doubt her opinion on hair colour but everyone is lashing on her choice of clothing and by which designer and the cost and the accessories right down to shoes and make up.

they are openly criticizing and the celebs are constantly trying to up one another. and when someone might look less than perfect, here they all go again.

but it is one industry that really outshines and people eat it all up. television, internet, social media, newspaper, magazines, everyone wants to know who is the up-and-coming fashion designer and which make up is the in season now. it does not add much useful knowledge if you ever get stuck in an island but it is a great icebreaker by simply commenting, “isn’t that dress so 2011?’

ps, this year’s a leap year! (:
4 more years till it happens again and god knows how many things might happen till then!



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