flying off again;

27 Feb

i will be flying off to europe for two weeks.
i am also trying my hardest to recover from a flu.
i should have all the necessities to survive the winter.
its so exciting! (:

i will miss my cat indefinitely.
he looks so sad when i go 😦
but at least he gets to sleep on my bed.

and to my bf who just recently purchase a guitar, have fun finding all the chords and tuning it. god knows how many people tried to teach me and all i know is strumming it up and down. he bought the guitar at peace center, a light colour wood and a darker colour for the lining. Its matte, light and comes with a bag (: plus, there is a groove that fits nicely on your thigh and its below $100! There are cheaper versions but i know he adores matte designs (looks classier) and i d0 like the owner. doesn’t seem to think that we are amateurs, even though we are, painfully obvious.

i just hope he doesn’t take guitar so seriously that i will become his 2nd favourite. because, well, no one wants to play a guitar that is smashed by an annoyed and jealous girlfriend.



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