Boot To Aid

25 Feb

We had our first ever charity event on Saturday, 25th Feb 2012 and it was a success! (:
I’m so proud of us, really.
I am not a big fan of event management per se but I do like watching the ball rolling on the day itself.

I was able to keep myself busy with the flow of people coming in, signing up, the songs blasting from the Bose speakers on my itouch,  everyone talking, waiting expectantly. it’s crazy to be doing this at 9am but here they are, all raring up to go!

Some of our sponsors were there as well and so are the photographers we contacted and our benefactors, SPCA. People asked how fitness relate itself to animals since no one can make a distinct connection. Animals do not have a voice on their own and there aren’t many out there who are willing to donate to them and therefore we create this event in hope to garner support and awareness. Our charity ‘Boot To Aid’ is something new and interesting that we put up on the table for the health-conscious public.

Furthermore, it is something that i pick up and learn something from it. We hope to do more of these events in the future (;


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