23 Feb

that was the theme for Glee Regionals but I am not here to talk back-to-back on how awesome or foretelling the episode was. Or how we all already knew they were going to win.

There was a part where all the Glee members actually sat down and they started talking about how this guy, whose gay, hanged himself and almost died. we all had that deep dark moments when we think that there was no light at the other end of the tunnel and the only way we could stop that pain is to simply, end our lives. 

Psychologists have noted the increase of teen suicide, even more so with the increase of anonymity and hatred on internet. one can simply be anonymous and say, “you’re ugly”

i can only hope that you are not one of them. it is not easy to push away those dark thoughts but pain is temporary. these people are only out there to hurt you because they can pleasure from doing so. more like bullying without the punching.

i don’t want to bring my kids to a world where the threats are hidden behind the veil.


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