when all is calm before the storm;

19 Feb

picture perfect isn’t it?

i went to sleep crying yesterday.
my mum asked, “why did you look sad yesterday? i walked in to find you asleep and yet, instead of a calm face, you look sad. did you watch a sad movie again?”

i didn’t want to alarm her, nor make her worry….so i denied. our relationship has never delve deeper than superficial standards. i do not know her dreams, her hopes, her fears as much as she does not know about mine.

why was i crying?
the usual as to many. relationships, why the world is a mean mean place to live in, reasons to hate myself etc. reading the quran did calm me a little, enough as an antidepressant and have a comatose sleep until the next day. my cat’s warm weight on my legs helped a little too.

there are many ways, many decisions, many mistakes that would make a person be depressed but you have to be the stronger person and push pass all those negativity. there will be times when we might have no one to turn to, but we will always have Him because He will never leave us, even in our darkest moment.



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