17 Feb

There were loads of fun, interesting conversations with the people i revolve around with yesterday. I can’t remember the exact words but here are some excerpts of the questions and what type of answers i gave them:

Q: There are people who are out there just to date expatriates, would you ever consider that?
A: It doesn’t matter who i date as long as the person has a good heart, that’s the most important aspect.

Q: i love four-poster bed because of all the different possibilities that you can do with it, don’t you think so?
A: *one hell of a long awkward silence*

Q: What does your boyfriend wants to do after army?
(my mum ask this question as well. i think it’s normal, eventhough i find it slightly personal but if your parents ask it could only mean that they have accepted him for a long term rather than ‘oh it’s just a fling’ )
A: well, he wants to study to become a graphic designer. he has a knack for softwares.

this was between two girlfriends of mine.
L: How do you define love?
J: I define it by ‘will he a good person in the future?’ ‘is he able to make me happy?’ ‘does he know all my flaws and habits and still love me?’ if you answer all yes to the above questions, then yes, it is love. i don’t feel the need to do anymore of the chasing, the flattery, the first this and that because i’ve been through enough with him. through disappointment, i realise what i’ve missed and what i should have cherished from the start.

Q: do you ever think that this is where you would want to be when you turn 21? not in terms of work.
A: sort of. i wanted to work but still be able to travel. of course, to continue study if it permits me. i know what are my priorities in life.

Q: how are you able to stand with your boyfriend being in army? don’t other guys ask you out on valentine’s?
A: uhm, i spent my valentine’s at the clinic. *chuckles* but we already knew what it would be like with him being away. it’s a sacrifice but we had all those months to mentally prepare ourselves. we’re doing all right, thank goodness (:


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