post valentine’s

15 Feb

i didn’t even realise it was valentine’s day yesterday because i was more concern about not getting any more germs at the clinic. Sad innit? Waiting for my number to be called out so i can get my medications and sleep through the day.

Only around 5pm onwards did I see an influx of giddy couples with bouquets of overexpensive roses, teddy bears, heart-shaped balloons and god forbid, couple tshirts. I guess I was able to take all the happiness in albeit my only source of comfort was a cup of strong warm tea and comedy shows.

my mother needn’t have to worry that i get my head stuck in all those valentine’s because my boyfriend was slushing through the forest of mandai (or wherever it may be). I found her blatantly trying to make me read that valentine’s day is haram from some unknown website with very poor malay grammar. I don’t blame her. We were both born in different times. I just grew out of valentine’s, i guess.

there are always two sides to the story. those that want to celebrate and those that think the celebration should be done daily, regardless that there is a special day for it. its like celebrating your birthday every year and the rest of the time, thanking god you are still living to celebrate it.

at least its over and done it.  
i’m just contented that my 16-year-old self had a box of chocolate and a handmade card for her waiting at her desk when she got back from recess on 14th Feb as she definitely had a good snack during her Chem class (;


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