6 Feb

I found this on tumblr and i always thought i was destine for hell since whatever i am doing isn’t in the path of righteousness but God is Most Merciful. Give it a read and remember, always have faith:

“When my heart was hardened, and my courses constrained; I made my hope a stairway, to Your forgiveness. My sin burdened me heavily, but when I measured it by Your forgiveness, Lord, Your forgiveness was the greater.”
— Imam Shafi’i (in his final sickness)

We’ve made tons and tons of sins throughout our lives. I mean, everything from cursing to kissing and the hugging in between. And some of us may have even committed really big sins. I mean, we might be committing sins and not even realizing that they’re major sins. Interest – yes, that means taking out these college loans with interest – is a major sin. Breaking promises – even when you don’t mean to, like promising not to tell a secret and then telling your best friend cause oh, it’s my best friend and they don’t count, the wont tell anyone. But it’s not about telling someone – it’s about promising – a verbal contract. Breaking a contract IS a major sin. Eavesdropping – is a major sin..

We commit sins on a daily basis and sometimes these big sins consume us. Like ‘oh, I’ve eaten so much haram food or drank so much why should Allah forgive me?’ And let’s take the common one for our age group: I’ve committed Zinna, I’m already going to hell, I’m a bad person, I shouldn’t even bother being good, why should Allah forgive me when I knew it was wrong and still did it.

What? You’re going to treat Allah like a person now – thinking He doesn’t have the heart to forgive? You’re going to doubt Allah’s forgiveness just cause you committed a sin? How dare you lower Him like that? He is MOST-FORGIVING. If he can grant a Jewish Prostitute [who not once in her live bowed down to Sujood] just cause she fed a poor dog, paradise – why on earth would He not forgive you for making a mistake?

Your sin might bury you in agony, in personal disgust sometimes, a tearfilled bed about how you knew better, and you knew relationships were wrong and still did them, and you knew it was wrong to go clubbing but still did and you knew you should’ve listened to your parents but disobeyed. And why should Allah forgive you when the Quran countlessly reminds you that Hell is for you – Hell is for the one who transgresses, who associates things with Allah, who fornicates. And you spend the whole night regretting everything you did, and hit your head against the wall trying to figure out how to come back to Allah’s glow – but darling, you’re already there. The fact that it matters to you, that you feel guilty, that you are ashamed – shows He is calling you. He wants you to come back. Come back and pray your heart out for His forgiveness because His forgiveness isn’t designed for stealing the small pack of gum at the store – it’s designed for you – for you to sin and always come back, those big sins are NOTHING, they’re not even specks of dust compared to the amount of sins He can forgive.

So keep asking. Don’t loose hope. Just keep going. Just keep swimming.


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