first date

30 Jan

everyone remembers their first date.
some would say to each new person is a first date.
some would say there could only be one first date.
to me, it started when i was just inching into teenage hood.

it was after a combined class and this boy came up to me. he gave me a drawing with my name on it. i didn’t understand the gesture. (oh god i was stupid) the girls teased me about him. and i didn’t even know his name. he asked me out a week later, to the airport. i was nervous, i wanted to back out.  but i didn’t and i had a great time talking. i realised when i am nervous, i talked alot. a lot.

he was from the same cca. he told me he had to summon a hell load of courage to come up to me when i was with my friends to ask me out. i thought it was sweet. we went around guitar shops because he needed new strings. also the time i picked up guitar and lost interest.

it was more of friends going out together to IKEA because its fun to basically imagine having different living rooms and kitchen. we played a prank on the president of student council and he didn’t take it too lightly. we went home together in a bus and i remembered feeling extremely blissful.

oh god how extremely naive and pretty it all were. moving forward (;

i like this memory best. it was after school and i met him at the train platform to head to town to watch a movie. we met a suspicious classmate of his before boarding the train and chatted all the way to town. we had something to eat and the close proximity made me blushed (when i blush, my ears turn red) we had dinner close by before taking the train home together.

i don’t usually have much first dates because of really small single hood gaps since long relationship works for me best. i don’t think it matters if you are single or attached if you are happy and contented at where you are. although studies have shown that the longer you are single, the more you question what is wrong with you but that is not the point. haha. in my opinion, it’s okay to date around (like going out with friends except you like each other on a more intimate level) as long as you don’t sleep around, now that’s just a whore.

but to those guys who are looking for steady serious relationships, look for girls who wants a commitment and not just jumping from one flower to the other. look for girls who appreciates and take it slow.

to those girls, i’d say, listen in when he talks about his ex. perceive the reasoning and decide if he is the type for you. personally, i was only listening half a ear when almost two years ago, we were chatting online and he was talking about his ex. i only started to get suspicious when he started showing pictures of his niece. i mean none of my guy friends ever does that and most comment i would offer is probably an “aww, she’s so cute” and that’s it. again, blame my stupidity and naivety on this one. i think i have asked him a dozen time as to “why me?” and the answer varies from time to time and i would probably never be satisfied.

i saw this on tumblr:

“Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”

<br /><br />
“Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”<br /><br />

and i am pretty sure he probably see that in me even though i can’t.
i see goodness in him. and that’s why i love him.


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