28 Jan

a quaint little place in dempsey.

i’m worrying quite a lot nowadays.
i worry about tomorrow, the thing that happened yesterday and now.
i worry about my education, my future, my unborn child, my mortgages which i haven’t even gotten.

i want to worry about the world, politics, famine, controversy, SOPA but i can’t change those worries when i have my own teeny tiny worries to figure out. we all have dreams but the world seems oblivious in giving us a helping hand. i worry i won’t make it tomorrow.

but i have people who are dependent on me and that what pushes me forward. be it my family, friends, acquaintances or partner or even my cat. i need them as much as they need me.

and that what lessens the worry.

looking back at my 16 year old self and thinking what kind of worries i had then made it funny. my worries were:

  • will i pass my O’s
  • will he ever go out with me
  • how many ways can i not get tanned
  • will i ever understand physics

i kind of hate growing up. remind me to tell my niece and nephew to take it slow and easy


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