16 Jan

he kisses me feverishly.
his hands roaming around my back.
i pulled him closer. i needed to feel all of him.
his body against mine. my fingers digging into his shirt.
i could not think, my mind minutes away from exploding.

he momentarily broke the kiss to lock the doors.
there wasn’t much space inside the car yet it did not bother us.
i had my legs wrapped firmly around him.
he expertly took off my shirt and left trail of kisses along my
collarbone. i shudder with anticipation.

i took off his shirt, my hands linger on his abs.
i could feel his warm breath against the nape of my neck.
i felt something hardening below my butt.
he hiked up my skirt and started tracing my undies.

he looked deeply into my eyes, seeking permission.
i nodded and he slides a finger in me.
i gasped as he started to move in and out.
i started moaning his name, my chest pressed against his.

he smiled devilishly, enjoying my trashing.
he had unclasped my bra and started fondling my breast.
i clawed his back, my toes tugging his pants.
it slid down easily, his erection sticking out.

i teasingly lick his head, send shivers down his spine.
he moaned inwardly as i started twirling his penis in my mouth.
he pulled my hair away from my face as i took it all in.
he started spanking me, hard.

he slid a finger back in my pussy and started pumping hard.
i screamed his name, my hands moving up and down his length.
sweat trickled down our faces as we started kissing again.
he nibbled and bite my nipples, my hips gyrating around his cock.

i wanted it to last but we were so close to climaxing.
he grabbed my ass and spanked it again, my tits banging his face.
he shoved my head down as i move in and out, my hands on his balls.
he fingered me, my pussy feeling extremely wet and tight.

he shot his cum straight into the back of my mouth and i swallowed.
he tasted sweet and sour.
my body convulses as i reached my peak.
we laid there, glistening, naked and happy.


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