Top Three

2 Jan

damn boy, you look fineeeeee.

currently, i have a strong fetish for dogtags.
and army clothes.
women would lean on peculiar since we can’t expect men to dress up as school girls so we want ruggedness, chivalry and all those that outshines the rest. and channing tatum has done just that :p

I put it as Top Three because I am too knackered to think of any more than that so here they are:

Smart Casual
Button downs, smart pants and smart shoes/loafers.
Think of all those James Bond movies when he walks out of his car coolly and dressed in just those three things above with aviators.  The aura of confidence that defines him. It does matter in the way you dress because you will carry a certain persona with the way you look. Looking smart means you take enough effort to dress up and we appreciate it tremendously.

Beach Hunk
Hot bod and surfers’ trunk
You like us in a bikini, we like you in beach shorts with a tan.  It can apply to all sports because it shows you love what you’re doing and it does do some good to your body and state of mind. I don’t really like those who spend all their time locked up in their room. Have some fun and enjoy those outdoor activities(;

Army get-up.
I have to go into a little bit of locality here but it is more or less the same. Men who goes through army develop a different kind of mindset. They are more independent, stronger, follow a strict set of rules and cherish freedom. I do realise some hates it and some don’t but I appreciate what you are doing to the country. Keep those dogtags on yo!

I guess it is something about the way you dress that evokes some sort of personality.  good ones though.


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