26 Dec

every year, people think of new year resolutions to make and hopefully achieve.
but they seldom do.
i stopped mine after i turned ten.
the only thing i wanna do next year is to enter university. really.

2011 had been good to me albeit the ups and downs.
i’m quite a positive person.
this year, i manage to:

  • end my internship without murdering anyone
  • go on a holiday which was Bali
  • go to USS (wasn’t really on the wishlist but i made his birthday memorable, i hoped)
  • wear the graduation robe (3years, god bless me)
  • work and survive in a retail shop for a month
  • work in a fitness company from July till now
  • travel with a friend to Gold Coast, Australia
  • get my driver’s license
  • night cycle
  • drive, getting lost, getting adventurous

This year, I lost a friend but I gained new ones. I manage to make it through the year without upsetting most people and not screwing over anything. I found a job till I get into a university. I know it is not really a productive year per se, but shouldn’t hard work always be rewarded with good company and great food?

I’m growing up. I really am.

I asked my bf about this and he was not so enthusiastic or sentimental. I think that what sets us apart. I’m tied to emotions whereas he remain logical. I often see him as pessimistic when I do breach this sort of topic but i guess he is the type that is more factual rather than sympathetic. It’s something I’m still getting used to since it is unsettling to not being able to be on the same frequency sometimes.


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