seventh day

18 Dec

1. kill the boss of bang
2. relive the last day of intern, so close to embracing freedom
3. go to bali again, minus the tour group
4. cry, laugh, hug, sing, kiss during graduation day
5. celebrate my 19th birthday watching movies, cuddling
6. celebrate his birthday at USS, this time remembering the ponchos
7. spend every waking moment enjoying life to the fullest
8. do all the things i wanted to do
9. spend a longer time in aussie
10. actually, i want to go back to 2008 and relive my poly life because that’s where true friendship were made, heartbreaks, learning, spending nights in school, laughing….but i know now that things occur so that we can look back without no regrets and realize it happens for a reason.

i will embrace 2012 with open arms and maybe, if it is possible, catch the fireworks? (:


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