Yoga, anyone?

15 Dec


I thought yoga was going to be a piece of cake.

You know, breathing in and out, meditating, balancing.
But I was wrong.

We stretched, huff and puff, steadied our weight onto one feet and did the sun salutation again and again until we got it right. I actually glistened. But it felt so good afterwards. We went for Total Yoga at 8 Claymore Hill, right beside the American Club.

Before yoga, I treated my hair to a redken hair treatment and a haircut at estique, pacific plaza. My hair had gone from bad to absolutely horrid. Even the senior hairstylist was apalled. He cut my hair to give a stronger look so the curls rest gently on my shoulder. It looks so much better now. Adorable and chic plus easier to maintain.

I had an embarassing moment when I returned home. I found out that I had been using conditioner as a leave-in conditioner without realising. No wonder it was cheaper. Urgh. Now I feel absolutely stupid.

My eldest just flew off to London and would only be back after Christmas. Sigh, christmas in London. With the snow and the lights and big ben.


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