Chapter 10

9 Dec

You know he’s your soul mate when you can tell him, anything, everything.
You hold nothing against him because he would not judge you.
You share your fears, your hopes, your dreams.
He was there, all the time.
You cry on his shoulder countless of times, wipe your tears on his shirt.
He does not mind that his shirt is streaked with your mascara.
You both have gone through fights, heartbreaks and made up. 

He wants nothing but to give you happiness.
He loves you.
He loves you with all his heart.

Even if it means giving you up.
He can never be there for you, physically anymore.
But he will provide you with the emotional support you need. 

You know that you will always love him too.
Even when you see each other on the sidewalk, ten years from now.
Maybe even happily married,
you will smile back. 

No more lumps on your throat.
No more ache in your heart.
Because you know, that book is finally closed.



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