the most memorable…

6 Dec

one night Shasha and I were talking about the
most memorable events in our lives.
it was more of the spur of the moment, sitting by the beach
overlooking hundreds of cargo ships and basically, boredom.

my most memorable moment with friends was that one night we all had a
campfire by the beach singing, laughing and eating marshmallows on a stick.
and watch the sunrise and my friend drove me back home.

most memorable outing overseas was the school trip to Ipoh.
I kinda wish I had more of those.
but ability to cherish one is good enough (:

nights ❤

this lunchbox cost $15 from a shop in iluma.
it’s where I keep all my letters (love letters etc)
i mean, i keep them not because i still have feelings for them.

but it was the fact that these people have taken the time
to sit down and write me one.
the fact that i had a past and i’ve touched all those hearts.
awww. lol.

if you have a gf/bf/even a good best friend,
take some time to write down something nice.
heartwarming, funny etc
you never know that when they are feeling down
your letter would make them smile
like nothing else matters. 


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