26 Nov

sidetrack: this is actually bintan, not batam because i’m too lazy to take pictures there but i do love the jetski. fucking awesome! 😀

i went to batam with my dad’s SBA team and he dragged my mum and i along.
i do enjoy his friends company because they are a bunch of really nice people.
although you have to uphold a certain type of cavalry when you are with them.

its nice to see the men talking and mingling and their wives mingling with each other and their kids talking to each other’s kids. it’s not often that you meet up with your friends as you get married and have kids so when your association/company does this sort of trips, you have to bond and through that, your wives and kids will also connect and look forward to future gatherings.

we took the penguin, which is ironically like the ones the guys take to go ns.
i slept throughout the whole entire journey. slept again on the way back.
i blame the drowsiness from the seasick pills that i took.

i love the ‘i Hotel’ that we stayed in partly because it’s conveniently near the nagoya mall and there is a spa on the same floor as my room.  the swimming pool ain’t that big but it’s great for intimate gatherings. spa packages are cheap, SGD50 for massage, facial and a scrub.

food are also cheap. SGD1 is equivalent to 6,900 Rupiah.
i had a drink, my dad had ais kachang and lontong and my mum had rendang with rice with a drink and total was 47,000 Rupiah which is around SGD7!!!




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