universal studio singapore.

19 Nov

you have to know that i love theme parks.
i love it, i live for it. i love how much effort is put into everything.
how every corner is a totally new building and new scenes and unexpected places.
i love the idea, the thought, process put into making the rides.

i just wish it was….bigger.
the shows were great, the rides were fun (we got wet at least on 3 consecutive rides alone!) and the staff was amazingly friendly.

we went on his birthday and thankfully on a weekday.
sunny day, thank goodness for may.
i have a fear of heights but i would still do it for the fun of it.
my bf has a fear of sudden turns so he didn’t take the cyclone too well. but at least we took it(:

we manage to get on 3/4 of the rides, we skipped the dragon rollercoaster, the merry go round and the spinning egg-look-alike. we caught all the shows (thankfully it rained and it stopped when we ended) 

overall i would give this a 7/10
you should try dreamworld in gold coast.
now that, is a FULL 10.


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