the world goes pop.

17 Nov

I love popping these sort of bottles.
I feel like one of those bubbles, fizzing with anticipation and when its out, I’ll just zoom as far as possible.
But to put me up as a human canonball might be a bit too much for my liking. haha.

I got a dream this morning.
Sort of like that movie, Notebook.
Extremely good movie by the way. I cried a river watching it.

In that dream, we were walking to the bus. There was quite a number of people there.
The clouds were moody and grey. Everyone was lingering outside.
He was wearing civilian outfit which was weird since he’s a soldier.
but hey, it’s a dream. nothing is suppose to make sense.
you are suppose to read the meaning behind it.
Anyways, he looked into my eyes as  they call for everyone to board the bus.
He cupped his hand around my face and brought it close to his.
The kiss was, gentle, soft, and yet, so full of promises and heartbreak.
We broke the kiss and he looked into my eyes again before walking slowly to the bus.

I woke up, pissed that it was only just a dream.
And yet, sort of blissful because the kiss was almost real.
good dream though. lol(:


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