give it a try.

15 Nov

hasn’t it always?
the heart have a tendency to give everything a shot even though the rest of them probably knows better after foretelling the future.  I admire the heart’s risk in doing such things, wanting to feel what is it to feel, to touch what may only be meant to see from afar.

i admire how daring, how naked the heart is. pride, ego, experience and reason…they all have something they want to protect themselves against. the hurt. losing face. losing something. but how can one lose something one had never gain?

just give it a try.
even if you know you cannot make it for whatever reason it may be, just give it a try.
you never know what you may gain, make it knowledge or a new way of thinking things through or even finding a new love.

you’ll grow stronger, you will be wiser, better.
i want to live a life without regrets.
so should you.


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