wild encounters

13 Nov

we went to the zoo as one of the few last outings before he shave his head.
reminder that he threaten it for like, months, but it only happened a day before enlistment.

this picture made my nose more button-y that it is suppose to be.
i do like the hat though. should have gotten it and let my cat wear it.

i was reading the papers today and it seems that more girls are actually spending money on fake eyelashes,
coloured contacts, extensions to look more k-popish and stuff. I don’t care that you are spending your
money on them, it yours so do whatever you want with it, but fake eyelashes are bad enough when
you have to wear them so why are these girls wearing them daily?

Another hot topic was whether bikini modelling should be allowed at a young age. Being raise in a
conservative family, I would be against, unless i see the girl has moral values and being brought up
with the right amount of care and concern, knowing what she can get into.

I have a friend who models and her mum is fine with it. I know if I had shown the same amount of skin, I probably
would be kicked out of the house.  Different ideologies. Which makes me scared if I will ever be a good mother.
I do want my future kids to be able to do what they want, pursue their dreams, even if it is an astronaut, or
training dolphins. But it gets more difficult. I had a dream to become an actress. People kept telling me
how my confidence will get me where I want to be. But my folks weren’t proud of it. They were fine with it,
saying that it is a school hobby and she’ll grow out of it. They were nice enough to attend the performances,
acknowledge the fact I was known but that was it. No one pushes me to go into it as a career. They wanted me
to be a teacher. A teacher.

It is a respectable job. I do enjoy giving knowledge to them but there was no passion. No burning desire to
be in a school at 6am, mulling over notes and class assignments. There was a time I had passion for PR.
thanks to a totally bitchy gay dude who may have STDs and a fat fake eyelash wannabe-ruling queen
plus an old hag, that went down the drain.

One good thing does come out of this week’s glee episode.
We can always make new dreams. We are just outliving the old ones.

day six that he has been away. i do miss him.
i hope he knows that.


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